Thank you to all who participated in our
2nd Annual Homebrew Competition
Saturday, April 27, 2019


Judges’ Choice: Paarthurnax Pilsner (Jordan Nelson)

People’s Choice: Long Valley Daily (Karl & Kari Baker)

Participating Homebrewers:
Michael Blaschak
Greg Boomer
Danny Cluck
Luke Garrod
Raymond Graham
Andrew Johnson
Mike Lee
Eric Mathews
Melissa McCoy & Tim Keesey
Quincy McCourt, Dan Lipp, Monica Hagen & Mindy Dockery
Dustin Osburn
Lennard Patton

Thank you to our generous sponsors
Lassen Ale Works, GigaYeast, Susanville Grocery Outlet, Great Basin Brewing Co., Lagunitas Brewing Co., and Admiral Maltings