—Natural Resources—

Lassen Creek Conservation Area, which the Trust owns and manages, is just one example of the Trust’s work to conserve wildlife habitat and regional water resources. The 385-acre conservation area is included in a California Department of Fish and Wildlife Conceptual Area of Protection Plan for mule deer habitat, providing winter range for the seasonally migrating Lassen herd. The Trust continues to work on restoration of the bitterbrush habitat, which was damaged through fire. Public access to the area for walking, biking and horseback riding is from January through October. A new interpretive kiosk is being installed at the public parking lot off Richmond Road and a 5-mile walking trail through a grant from the California Department of Parks and Recreation and Proposition 84.


The Trust is steward of over 4,000 acres of the region’s critical resources and habitats, creating linkages between our public and private lands for water and wildlife.


Conservation Easements are the principle conservation tool used by the Trust in partnership with regional private landowners who want to conserve the natural resources provided by their lands for the public’s benefit. Through careful joint stewardship, water, wildlife, biodiversity and, in some circumstances recreational, resources are conserved in perpetuity to ensure the quality and quantity of our region’s water, habitat and quality of life for Lassen County residents and visitors to our community.


For more information about Conservation Easements, please call the Trust at (530) 257-3252.

Cultural Resources

Susanville Railroad Depot