Lassen Land and Trails Trust has been working for over a quarter century to conserve all that makes our region ‘home’ for our friends and neighbors, as well as wildlife. Lying at the convergence of the Sierra Nevada, Cascade, Modoc Plateau and Great Basin, our northeastern California home offers a broad diversity of landscapes from alpine mountains and meadows to the sage-steppe of the high desert.


The Trust’s conservation focus is on water resources, wildlife habitat, and access through a regional trails network. The Trust works with private landowners to conserve our region’s natural resources, connectivity for wildlife and working farms and ranches for generations to come.


The Trust is a member of the Land Trust Alliance and adheres to the Alliance’s standards and policies guiding conservation nationwide. While the toolbox for conservation includes many strategies, the Trust focuses on working with private landowners to place conservation easements on lands, which are critical for the conservation of water, working lands and wildlife habitat. If you are a landowner and are interested in exploring a conservation easement, please contact our executive director. Click here to send an email or call (530) 257-3252.

Natural Resources

Lassen Creek Conservation Area

Cultural Resources

Susanville Railroad Depot