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Lassen County is your trail to adventure…Click here to go to Bike Lassen for more information about all that Lassen’s trails have to offer and a guide to visiting.

     Looking for a great biking adventure? Then look no more! Come Bike the Bizz. Beginning on June 1, 2013, and running through October 19, 2013, on the first and third Saturday of each month, the Bureau of Land Management, Lassen Land and Trails Trust and members of the Susanville Area Bicycle Association team up with Lassen Rural Bus to provide a shuttle for your bike in combination with a bus ride to the trailhead of your choice along with all the support you need for a great adventure.

     Put your bike on the bike shuttle and hop on the bus to Devil’s Corral trailhead for a leisurely approximately 7 mile ride down the trail’s 3% grade back to your car at the historic Susanville railroad depot visitor’s center. If you’re more adventurous, choose Fredonyer Pass for an 18 mile ride or Westwood (at intersection of A21 and Route 36) for the full 28-mile experience. For those who want a challenge, take the newly-built South Side trail off the Bizz for climbs and great single track, finishing up on a timber road down to Hobo Camp and the main trail to the depot.

  Advanced registration can be completed by calling the Lassen Land and Trails Trust, at (530) 257-3252. Cost is $7 per person and bike to Devil’s Corral and $8 per person and bike to either Fredonyer or Westwood/Mason Station. The registration fee includes the bike shuttle and bus fare. The Shuttle runs once/day and check-in is at 8:00 a.m. with shuttle leaving at 8:20. Registration closes at 5p.m. the Wednesday prior to the scheduled Bike the Bizz shuttle. On-line registration after that time is $10 per person and bike. Day-of registration is $10 per person and bike and is strictly on an “as available” basis.

   You can always plan your own trip and take advantage of the bike racks on Lassen Rural Bus.


For information, click here:

(http://www.lassentransportation.org/a/Lassen-Rural-Bus-LRB.php) or call (530) 252-7433.

Bike The Bizz


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