—About Us—


Our northeastern California home is unique. The Sierra Nevada, Cascades, Great Basin and Modoc Plateau converge here to create a diversity of alpine forests, sage-steppe and rangeland, fertile farmland, wildlife habitat and breathtaking vistas.


Lassen Land and Trails Trust is dedicated to conserving these resources and the character and heritage of our region as a legacy for our children and their children.


If you call this region home, the Trust offers you opportunities to become actively involved in the conservation and stewardship of wildlife habitat, lakes, rivers and streams, working lands and recreational lands. Whether you’d like to learn more or get your hands dirty…there’s a way to get involved.


If you’re looking for a wonderful place to visit, enjoy outdoor activities and experience a sense of quiet wonder, then Lassen and Modoc counties are the destinations for you. The Trust is happy to be a source of information to make your visit memorable! Check out our Trails page for maps and updates.


Amy Holmen, Lands Manager

    Amy grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and attended Colby College in Waterville, Maine, where she majored in Biology with a concentration in Environmental Science. After college, she returned to New Mexico where she worked on a National Preserve and volunteered with local conservation groups. She also worked in Alturas, CA for the Bureau of Land Management doing native seed collection as part of the National Native Plant Materials Development Program. In her position as Lands Manager, she is responsible for stewardship policy and conservation activities, including land acquisition projects and conservation easements. Contact Amy at land@lassenlandandtrailstrust.org or by calling 257-3252.